VFW Membership

The Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) is a national organization dedicated to supporting and advocating for the rights of veterans. The VFW is comprised of combat veterans who understand the unique bond shared by those who have served overseas. With a membership that spans the globe, the VFW provides a wealth of resources and support to its members, including access to exclusive discounts and a vast network of resources.

The VFW offers several membership options, including Annual Membership, Life Membership, and Legacy Life Membership. Annual Membership requires a yearly fee of $35 and provides members with a full calendar year of membership and access to the many benefits of being a VFW member. Life Membership requires a one-time payment and provides members with a lifetime commitment to serving other service members and veterans. Legacy Life Membership enables members to leave a lasting impression on the VFW organization and provides generous benefits reserved exclusively for Legacy Life members.

Whether you are interested in joining the VFW as an Annual Member, Life Member, or Legacy Life Member, the VFW is dedicated to supporting and advocating for you and your fellow veterans. Join us today and stand strong with the more than 1.5 million members of the VFW.

Below is a link to sign up for VFW membership, or reach out to us at to obtain a paper copy and apply in person.